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Simple subscribe to mailinglist
We like to make things simple. It should be easy for people to leave their emails,.. and for you to use them for your communication. It all starts by a flexible contact form or any other form.
With this form we can send all info to MailChimp or any other CRM you like to use. From their you can stay in touch and keep on reaching your visititors.

Easy mail creation
The best mail program is MailChimp. What makes it great is that almost all email is being delivered and does not end up in the spambox. You can send up to a 1000 email per time for free. Also the easy drag and drop editor makes it an unbeatalbe tool. Add great tracking and look no further.

Mail template design
offcourse it's important that your email looks like your identinty and brand. We like to design and create these templates and make sure they look great on all mailclients.

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