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Site and search optimization

SEO (search engine optimalisation)

Traffic to your site mostly comes from search engines or campaigns you've setup. To make organic search results count the most you need to be indexed well by Google and other search engines.

Social Media
It's more and more important that your are able to share your webcontent on pages like Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. We make sure all the right header tags are in place and you pages can be easily added to the twitter, facebook and so on.
Google is the most used search engine in the Netherlands. Google likes unique content, no copy and paste content from other website. Google likes ressponisve design, and a good setup of headers, meta text and content. And what google also likes are "back links" to your site. The more people link to your site, the better they like you. We can help you in optimising your content, headers and create a good report for you site, so you have a better result from organic searches.
It's important that you headers and meta description reflects your content. If you want we can provide a search for you and figur out which words and phrases do well in the search engines. With these keywords we can write text and other content so your site scores better in google.

A / B testing

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