Unfortunatly the YEEDITOR webpages have not been available for a while now, which i think a lot of people find very said. I've tried to contact Cheng, the guy behind the editor, but no responce. So this leaves me with only one atlernative..  to try to keep the editor ALIVE!

If you want to join me, which would be really great! drop me a line. This editor can be so much more!! Let's get it going. I will set up a GIT asap. Contat me for details.
With the YEEditor you can:
  • create full page layouts, with full width elements, and special rules for all device widths.
  • create page templates
  • still translate all elements, including Falang and introtext
  • create seperate introtext for special modules
  • use widgets like sliders, pricing and a whole lot more
  • add classes to all elements
  • and a whole lot more!
Creating pages becomes really easy and when you have a setup you like, you just simply save the page as a template that you can recall when you create a new page. We also use a special Joomla template, that allows you to override the standard layout of Joomla and fully controle it with YEEditor,..

Contact us about YEEditor!


Join our YEEditor customization project 
If you are interested in joining the furher custimisation of the editor then drop us a line. There's still so much we can do with the editor and so many feature's we can add.. In our opion, this editor is the way forward for Joomla.

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